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Later, Roxy discovers that Ronnie paid Aleks and they have an argument but they stay together.

Then, Aleks' young daughter, Ineta (Octavia Alexandru) talks to him over video chat, asking if he is coming home.

Wayne soon arrives in Walford where he and Nancy resume their relationship in secret.

Wayne stays in the local bed and breakfast, and flirts heavily with some of Walford's other women, including Denise Fox (Diane Parish).

In any case, I think that Nancy's always known she was too bright for Wayne".

She knows her parents don't like him so Nancy was basically just vying for their attention.On 10 March, Charlie Cotton and on 4 April, Lee Carter.Donna Yates, a new market stallholder and Pam Coker, Les Coker's wife, both arrived on 14 April.Mick hires Wayne to fix a damp problem in The Queen Victoria pub, but while he is doing the job Nancy discovers he has been showing private pictures of her to other boys in the pub, leading to her humiliating Wayne by showing everyone similar pictures of him. Inside Soap reported that Nancy's parents Mick and Linda hate Wayne, and called him "feckless".Dyer said that Nancy is probably planning to marry him just to rebel against Linda.

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Commenting on the decision of his departure, Kiehling said: "Well that's a tricky one!

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  1. She claims her behaviour was out of character but says: 'I just had no control over myself. I couldn't resist him.'She has had only one other liaison with a man she met while working on a flight - an American with whom she had dinner and later spent a weekend in New York.'But that was very much out of office hours,' she said.